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Twilight VS. Tirek by kwark85
Twilight VS. Tirek
I wanted to do this for a while now. There should be more Tirek images with Unicorn Twilight.

I gave Tirek a different color to resemble his G1 design more. And I removed that annoying nose ring.


Twilight by :iconracefox:
Tirek by :iconmasemj: Color Edit by me
Background by :iconmandydax: Sky edit done in Photoshop by me.

MLP: FiM belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.
Unicorn Twilight and Frog Tiana by kwark85
Unicorn Twilight and Frog Tiana
They would make a great team!


Frog Tiana by me
Twilight by :iconcaptrainbows:
Background by :iconmatty4z:

MLP: FiM belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro
Princess and the Frog belongs to Disney
Tiny Twily started off as a comic using resources. For the coming pages, I have planned, custom vectors are required.

If you're a vector maker and would like help out, send me a note with subject: Tiny Twily help.

Thank you.
Here is how to turn a Alicorn Twilight trace into a genuine Unicorn Twilight vector in four steps.

1. Pick a Alicorn Twilight source pic you want to trace.

2. Don't make the wings, DUH!

3. The horn. Make it smaller than the source pic.

4. The neck. When Twilight is a stading pose, select the head and the mane and move it down.

And voila, that's how you do it!

Happy vectoring!
Step by step Alicorn trace to Unicorn vector
Make a Alicorn Twilight source image into a Unicorn Twilight vector, TRULY genuine.

I have seen people trying to make a Unicorn Twilight vector from a Alicorn Twilight source image. And I noticed is that they only remove the wings. That's the wrong way.
Here is how I do it.


kwark85's Profile Picture
I'm someone who cherishes MLP Friendship is Magic prior to Season 3. In my opinion Hasbro is pulling out all kinds of tricks to drag the show on for longer than it should.

I'd rather have a good show that is short lived, than a show that is running out of ideas and desperately trying to keep it going to make more money off of it.

(Request) Equestria Girls dont deserve a Sequel by SoraJayhawk77 People are allowed to hate Alicorn Twilight by SoraJayhawk77 People are allowed to hate Equestria Girls by SoraJayhawk77 Anti Rainbow Rocks Stamp by applecreeper1234

Things I like about MLP:
Twilight Sparkle Stamp by jewlecho Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho REQUEST:  MacinSparkle Stamp by inkypaws-productions FiM Fiction :Stamp: by NickelParkLavigne Stamp: Equestria Stories by EStories

Things I don't like about MLP:
I do not support Alicorn Twilight by S-Laughtur Anti Eqg Stamp by applecreeper1234 Anti TwilightXFlash Sentry Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 :thumb371521424: Anti Princess Cadence Stamp by TheHappySpaceman01

Things I like in general:
MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi Swat Kats Stamp by Hotarubaku Team Four Star Abridge Stamp by Dbzbabe The Abridged Series Stamp by Wing-Wing-Senri Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi SA2 stamp by SonyaLS Brawl Stamp by morgan-lamia DBZ Stamp by MajinPat MAH BOI Stamp by queen-of-pie Stamp: Robotnik, Not Eggman by senshuu Cartoon Network 2 by sk1ttter Thundercats Stamp by ShipwreckedStamps Old School TMNT Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Yoshi stamp by Kaisuke1 Old School Crash Stamp by Britazzy Mario Party-Stamp by Dinoclaws Fortune Street Stamp by Ramuza21 Youtube Poop.. by NateFox Mario Kart 64 Stamp by laprasking Gmod Stamp by Pasadena-Opossum

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MotoNeko Featured By Owner Edited Mar 9, 2015
you know what, you guys are just really immature. ganging up on Kwark just because he does what he likes doing. seriously, it's pathetic and immature to bully someone for their opinions. Anticorns are showing a much more better example of a brony than you guys are doing right now.

if you dont give up already and go along your merry ways you are just going to show up as even more immature people than you already are.

ive met and spoken to barely a handfull of pro-twilicorns that i can still consider respectable bronies, why dont your follow their example and let people have their opinions?
Secret-Majora Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Student General Artist
I love this.

Why hasn't dA implemented a ''like comment'' button yet
Zephyter0 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
hear hear about the like button.
MotoNeko Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015
honestly ive thought so too but maybe they dont want comments to be favorised or something.
TheRealForlong Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
The problem is his opinion makes no sense.  He dislikes the fact that Twilight magically turned into an alicorn, which really changed nothing.  She is still the same pony she was before as Equestria Girls and season 4 proved.
Even if you go by earning the royal title, it makes no sense.  Basically, that's saying you never want Twilight to grow.  You might as well demand she return to Canterlot and being friendless.
MotoNeko Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
there are in fact several flaws with her transformation and anticorns have made them very clear and actually legit ones.
Cloudcuckooman Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Student General Artist
So if what you're saying is true, then earning the title is utterly pointless. There was no need for it to happen in the first place. If Twilight truly is the same character then the wings and the title can be easily replaced and forgotten like a battery. You Pro-Twilicorns are all alike. Always making excuses without thinking about what you're saying.
TheRealForlong Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Not excuses, explanations.

Even if Twilight didn't become an alicorn, the show would have gone the same direction.  Twilight would have graduated and become Celestia's equal and you'd pissing and moaning about that.  Making her an alicorn princess was a surprise that made the new direction less predictable.  It opened up story telling opportunities and explained (though, not very well) the nature of alicorns and how they relate to other ponies.

I suppose my wording wasn't very good there.  Twilight did change, but not into a completely different pony.  She's still Twilight, just a much wiser Twilight.  The wings and royal title are just an extension of that.  If they were removed, it wouldn't change that.  So, complaining about it is completely pointless.
(2 Replies)
Cloudcuckooman Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Student General Artist
Well played. Who could ever come up with a backlash for something as truthful as this?
MotoNeko Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
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